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API is a Brinks Authorized Dealer that specializes in Custom Home Security Systems.  API Security conducts a Free Custom Security Assessment for all of our clients prior to installation.  This assessment helps us design a Custom Home Security System that meets your specific security concerns & needs.  This will eliminate having to pay for equipment & services that you do not need.
Our home security system packages have everything you need to keep you, your family and your home or business safe & secured, and with add-ons that provide extra protection you can take control in the way that suits you best.  Our security systems are monitored 24/7  so you can rest easy in knowing that your secure at all times.
Intrusion & Personal Security
Your Door and Window Sensors detect when a door or window is opened and sound an alarm while sending a notification to our monitoring center which will then dispatch the police, fire dept. or paramedics.  
Your Motion Sensors detects movement & body heat and are pet friendly to pets weighing up to 55lbs.  This means that you can arm your home security system normally while not having to worry about your pets creating false alarms.  Optional Sound Sensors detect the sound of breaking glass so if an intruder were to try to bypass your door or window sensors by breaking a window an alarm will sound and the police will be dispatched. 
Your home security systems operate wirelessly through a cellular network so you no longer need to have a landline phone connection, and if the phone line is cut or down for any reason your security system will continue operate perfectly.
Security from Unexpected Environmental Hazards
Intruders are by no means the only threat to you, your family or your home or business, and this is why our custom home security systems also protect against environmental hazards. While you can’t prevent environmental hazards from occurring, you can ensure you are prepared for them.
Your home security system can be customized to include smoke sensors which can alert you of a fire while carbon monoxide sensors will swiftly alert you to this silent killer both sensors are monitored and should an alarm go off, first responders will quickly be sent to your home or business to deal with the situation and ensure your safety, even when you’re asleep or away from home.
We can also install water sensors in your home or business to detect leaks early on and prevent thousands of dollars in flood damage should your pipes burst while you’re away. Your home security system will notify you if your pipes are leaking by monitoring the water levels of bathrooms, laundry rooms, and sinks.
Security Monitoring
Resolve alarms faster than ever with ASAPer, an interactive messaging hub for home and corporate security systems.  When an alarm occurs, ASAPer provides a chat room for call list members to resolve the issue.  No phone tag. No hassle.  Alarm customers can receive alarm alerts and participate in the chatroom from any phone or computer.  Alarm customers can receive alarm alerts and participate in the chatroom from any phone or computer.
  • Chat via web, SMS or email
  • Get ahold of members who haven’t responded
  • See real-time updates from the alarm monitoring center
Keep your family, home, or business safe with a security system from API Security 858.703.6707