Home Automation

Your home security system can also all be operated remotely to suit your lifestyle and needs. With our automated home security systems you can control your door locks, lighting, appliances, and temperature controls.
If you forget to arm your home security system it doesn’t matter, because you can control your home security system remotely from your smartphone or computer. You can also automate your home security system to send you email alerts when specific events happen, such as certain doors opening or closing or an alarm being turned off.
Aside from the peace of mind that your home security system provides you , it also allows you to manage your energy consumption in order to reduce both waste and cost. You can help save on energy bills by controlling lighting, appliances and your thermostat no matter where you are—so no more worrying if you’ve forgotten to lower the thermostat or switch off the lights when you go away.
Door Locks
Lock and unlock your front door, Get notified when the door is left unlocked.  Secure technology protects against unauthorized entry.
Video Doorbell
Consider it Caller ID for your front door.
  • 2-Way Talk, 1-Way Video.  Have a two-way conversation with visitors and see them.
  • Night Vision.  Clearly see who’s at your front door day or night.
  • Smart Clips.  Watch 30-second video clips on-demand.
  • Custom Notifications.  Receive alerts and notifications on your mobile device so you never miss a visitor.
  • Wide-angle Lens.  Provides a 180 ̊ wide-angle view of your entire doorstep landscape.
Smart Thermostat 
Remote access and programming make your thermostat energy-efficient and keep your house comfortable.  Home management can save resources and money. The U.S. Department of Energy estimates savings of between 5% to 15% a year with efficient heating and cooling.
Programmable thermostats have been around for years. But with home automation and smartphone access, your thermostat’s not just programmable; it’s downright smart.
Amazon Echo
Say hello to Alexa, the Echo’s voice-controlled assistant.  She does more than just play music or answer questions. With compatible smart-home equipment, Alexa can also:
  • Lock the front door
  • Arm the alarm system
  • Turn on the porch light
  • Make it 2 degrees warmer
  • Close the garage door
  • Dim the bedroom light to 30%
Lights & Appliances 
Turn your lights on or off from almost anywhere. Save money and discourage burglars at the same time.  Forget to turn off the TV? Pulling the plug is as easy as opening a smartphone app.